War Bulletin No. 3

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Late on Wednesday night or on Thursday morning, Pearse sent more copy over to Halston Street. War Bulletin No.3. This was the final bulletin of the series to be printed and it appears that very few copies were distributed. the sub-heading " Up with the Barricades" perhaps shows the influencing hand of Connolly in drafting the text. The date at the head of the paper shows 88th of April 1916. It appears that the quality controls in the commandeered plant at Halston Street were not as tight as they might have been. In the 1936 Evening Press article - "The War Bulletins of Easter Week" Joseph J J Bouch says that this last bulletin was dated 28 April, so perhaps some correcting was done in the later runs , even though Thursday was in fact the 27TH. However the copy kept by Joe and illustrated here reads 88 April.

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