Gaelic Games in Frongoch Louth V Kerry

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From about 1909 through to 1914 there was intense rivalry between Louth and Kerry at All Ireland level, it is said that the takings from their matches helped to fund the purchase of Croke Park. It was ironic then that the football final of The Wole Tone Commemoration games was indeed between Louth and Kerry. T.Burke from Drogheda captained the Louth team and Dickeen Fitzgerald captained the Kerry team. Some years later T.Burke was to help Joe find a house in Drogheda when Dublin got "tricky". As mentioned elsewhere the prisoners used the humorous slogan to advertise the match - " Leave your wives and sweethearts at Home !" . .

The Louth and Kerry teams are listed here and also in the book, with the lineout of the Louth Team here also.

Joe sent his report of the outcome of the game home to be published in The Gaelic Athlete.

Many of the football teams playing in Frongoch adopted the names of The Rising leaders. Interestingly Joe played for a team along with Dick Mulcahy and Oscar Traynor that was named Fianna Fail. Sean McBrides beat Fianna Fail 1-3 to 1-2 and Frank Shouldice was referee.

Football Place Kicking was another of the Gaelic Sports in Frongoch at which Frank Shouldice had successes.

How ironic and fitting it was that the GAA decided to play a regular English club league match in Frongoch in 2016. in commemoration of their interned faithful.