British Censorship

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DORA - Defense of The Realm act was an ongoing thorn in the side for Joe Stanley and The Gaelic Press as indeed he was for IT and the Administration.

Whether it was Not for Publication notices on the produce of the Gaelic Press or warnings about reference to the rebellion of last Easter, or the whereabouts of Army personnel, shipping, sending papers to the USA, The Gaelic Athlete, letters to and from Frongoch and any mis-demeanor that might threaten the Realm there was always "aunt DORA"

Subjects : Letters from Mrs. Sheehy Skeffingtion - Newspapers from America - Flag Days for Volunteers - References to the Rebellion of last Easter - Newspapers to be received in duplicate for approval - Items predjudicial to the DORA act  - "Fly any Kite" - Careful re Frongoch prisoners conditions - letters to/from Sir John Maxwell - Newspapers cannot be sent direct to States or neutral countries - repeat indiscretions made by any other papers abroad  - Naval or Shipping fatalities - No warrant necessary for GP Raids - Xmas Cards and Songs - Anything predjudicial to Recruiting Training Discipline of the Armed Forces - even by word of mouth. - Mrs. Heuston in a Frongoch letter - Letters from Frongoch.