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The Spark was first produced in 1914 claiming to be the smallest newspaper in the world. It had a print run of 10,000 to 12,000 and was owned by Constance Gore-Booth or Countess Markievicz. Significantly it ceased publication in April 1916 - when the Gaelic Press was raided and closed down due to a January of that year publication called "The Gael" and Joe stated it had fairly serious IRB leanings. An article in the London Times highlighted the concerns about its seditious nature. .

Sunday April 16 issue of "The Spark" was produced on the printing press in Liberty Hall with the armed guard of James Connolly ensuring that the periodical that would "keep the fires of the nation burning" was produced and circulated for that week in defiance of the Crown's order.  The Countess writing its front page article in scathing critiscism of the raid and British Censorship.