Frongoch Games Commitee.

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On June 22, 13 days after the camp had re-opened, the inaugural meeting of the Games Commitee of Frongoch Camp took place. The attendance was R.Fitzgerald (Kerry), T.Burke (Louth), M.Collins (Dublin), L O Flaherty(Dublin), D.Walsh (Tipperary), P.Cahill (Kerry), J.Gibbons (Kilkenny), and  J.M. Stanley was elected Hon.Secretary with Mr.O.Donovan (Cork) elected as Chairman of The Games Commitee.

Richard ("Dickeen") Fitzgerald, a friend of Joe Stanley and contributor to The Gaelic Athlete as published by Joe, later replaced Sean O Donovan as Chairman. Fitzgerald had captained the Kerry winning teams of 1913 and 1914 and was ideally suited to the position. 

The football pitch such as it was, immediately became known as "Croke Park" and when the internees were holding major fixtures they displayed signs around the camp advising spectators to "Leave your wives and sweethearts at home !".

As secretary Joe Stanley ensured there was ample reporting of the sports activities and also ensured those records survived intact and have been digitally saved by his family for posterity - now in the hands of The Irish Government and on display in the 1916 Museum archives . . .