Joe Stanley Printer to The Rising - First Edition

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Published in 2005 by Brandon an imprint of Mount Eagle Publications , Dingle Co. Kerry Ireland.

The Author was Tom Reilly a fellow townsman of Joe Stanley in Drogheda , and the town that named their 1916 Memorial Garden after Capt. Joe Stanley with a biography display erected in his honour. The Stanley family would like to take this opportunity to thank Tom Reilly for his wholehearted enthusiasm and love for the project and for his ability which got the book over the line, produced and published.

    - The Hidden History of the Printer who became Padraig Pearse's Press Agent in Easter Week 1916 -

and the sole and only book anywhere to feature the First Documents of the newly proclaimed Republic in the original handwriting of Padraic Pearse - the War Bulletins of Easter Week. - DIRECT from the G.P.O.                                                                     - unique -