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Charles Walker was Joe Stanley's brother-in-law and Matthew Walker was his father-in-law. All were printers and publishers and Matthew in his time had been the "Go To" printer for Nationalists as far back as Charles Stewart Parnell days, and Matthew was the original owner of the Gaelic Press which he sold to Joe and remained on to manage it. At 69 years of age Matthew walked from his home in Glasthule "to do his bit" and as a Master Printer he did just that along with Joe and Charles and James Upton and two extra printers. Charles gave his testimony to the Bureau of Military History when it was formed by the Republic, Matthew had passed way in 1925 and was not able to do so. Matthew was the father of great Abbey actors including Maire Nic Siubhlaigh - Ireland first leading lady playing the opening role on the opening night of the Abbey Theatre in 1904 - Caitlin Ni Houlihan, more of that later . . .