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James Upton "after Griffith the most trenchant of republican journalists " - JJ Bouch said of James Upton.

A long time close friend, collaborator and colleague of Joe's, editor and author of many articles in the Gaelic Press publications and a close enough friend to be asked to witness Joe's last will and testament as Joe was a very newly-wed and had to attend to his affairs - On the Thursday of Easter Week - as the future seemed a little uncertain to say the least. 

JJ Bouch in his Evening Press article of 1936 quotes James as editing the Irish War News, in the Halston Street commandeered print works, most likely evidenced by Joe.  James never got his 1916 Garrison recognition and in recent years his son was in contact, discussing his ongoing quest for same. James apparently went back down the country and did not push the issue and as we know some people had to.